BUCS boys have belief to go all the way





There’s a massive game for the BUCS firsts on Wednesday as they look to continue their unbeaten run in BUCS Super Rugby with a match against Northumbria here at Hartpury, which will be livestreamed to thousands of people. Watch it live though and show them your support; it could make all the difference on the #RoadtoTwickenham

Hartpury Director of Rugby, John Barnes, said: “The University Centre side have played three very different games so far, including facing the defending champions, and they have come through them all.

“I think kicking the season off with a win in a difficult game at Durham was brilliant for them. It’s a hard place to go and it gave them belief that they can go all the way to Twickenham.

“Team spirit is high and I know they are confident they can finish in the top two and secure a home quarter-final. They need the whole of Hartpury to get behind them though.”


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